Bracelet - Natural Earrings
Bracelet - Natural Earrings
Bracelet - Natural Earrings
Bracelet - Natural Earrings

CONQUER Lava Beaded Bracelet

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CONQUER word beaded bracelet. 

Your handmade word bracelet is made from natural black lava beads. Bracelet is strung on an elastic band for ease of fit and use. 

Size 7 inches. If a different size is needed please leave size request in the "size note" section below.


    -Words layered on red cedar wood

    -Stretches to slip over the wrist

    We can also customize your bracelet. Shop custom bracelet.  


    -8mm black lava beads

    -Words layered on walnut wood

    -Stretches to slip over the wrist

    Why we love lava beads:

    • Lava beads are natural.

    They are created when molten rock from a volcano eruption cools and hardens.

    • Lava beads are unique.

    Each stone has individual and unique textures caused by gases that are released during eruption.  Despite their rock form, they are lightweight and no two stone are alike.

    • Lava beads are great diffusers.

    Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on the beads. Then, enjoy the fragrance as the lava stones soak up the oil and releases your favorite scent into the air.

    • Lava beads are meaningful.

    Lava stones are symbolic of strength and protection.

     You’ll feel the natural uniqueness of each bracelet while also enjoying the relaxing aromatherapy that comes from your favorite oil.

    Each bracelet comes wrapped and ready to gift to friends and family…. or to treat yourself!

    Size Chart
    -Unsure of the size needed? Choose the standard size option size 7 inches for women or size 8 inches for men with stretch. If you need a custom size refer to the size chart and leave the size in the "Note" section at check out.
    -Please Note: Due to the use of natural materials, wood and gemstones may be darker or lighter than pictured.
    Handmade & Designed Just For You.