Twigged Out 25 was first born from a passion of beautifying used materials (twigs and branches) and forming them into all things handmade; especially earrings for women. Over the years it has evolved. Bringing together the love of wood with the powerful love of words.

Twigged Out 25 is about empowering, self love and growth. With a rise on custom pieces. Our wooden word pieces give a unique spin on the traditional metal word necklaces. Wood is warm and natural. Wood brings life and a sense of wearing nature close to your heart. We are providing pieces that are meaningful through customization. The option to create your own message helps the wearer to express themselves. This results in pieces that really stand out and are sure to make our beautiful customers stand out too.

Everything in this shop is something carefully made by passionate hands. So escape, be uplifted and treat yourself or others to something special & unique from Twigged Out 25. We will do everything we can to bring your stylish creativity to life.

If you enjoy beautiful nature and handmade pieces then you're in for a treat! You'll love Twigged Out 25!

Hand made in Chicago, IL