The Start of #WeWinWednesday!

We Win Wednesday! Today's the first day of a series I'll be doing guessed it, “We Win Wednesday!" Each Wednesday I will be highlighting inspirational stories of people doing good works in their community and for the world.

I thought a good starting point would be to highlight the person who inspired Twigged Out 25.... My sister April! Over four years ago, April set off with a missions group to travel to 11 different countries in 11 months. Their goal, to share God’s love though word and deed. In each country, the group partnered with local ministries to help rebuild the community.

My sister has always had a heart for those in need and is always willing to help. She worked with an afterschool program in South Africa, a ministry that cares for sexually exploited girls in Honduras, a woman’s ministry in the Ukraine and a ministry for children in India just to name a few.   While April was traveling, I wanted a way to help financially support her every month. She was already selflessly giving her time and energy and I didn’t want her to be concerned with how she would raise the necessary funds to continue her trip.

At that time, my son was just born so I was a sleep deprived mom on a mission! I was staring out a window after a huge storm had ripped through New York looking at all the branches the storm knocked down, when the idea hit me! I would build a shop around pieces made from twigs! This was the birth of Twigged Out 25.

I thought it would just be a way to support my sister while on the mission field, but after she came back the creative passion kicked in and I knew this shop was bigger than me. Just like Twigged Out 25 was used to help fund my sister’s trip, I want to continue to use this company as a vehicle to help others better the lives of those around them.

Today’s very first #WeWin Wednesday is dedicated to my sister April. Her heart and actions to help others has not only changed the lives of those she met on her trip, it changed mine as well, and in such a great way.

“Be the change you wish to see”

Joyous Living To You All,
Victoria Joy

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