The Bombchel Factory #WeWinWednesday

The Bombchel Factory

This #WeWinWednesday is highlighting “The Bombchel Factory” located in Monrovia, Liberia. Using authentic African prints, this company is creating bold and contemporary outfits that will inspire you to walk with confidence! Archel Bernard is a Liberian fashion designer and owner of “The Bombchel Factory”. The fabrics used are purchased locally in West Africa.

“The Bombchel Factory” hires Liberian women; those affected by Ebola, others who are rape survivors, some who are deaf. Their mission is to give these women skills to become self-sufficient through skills training and education. The women are taught how to sew beautiful crop tops, wrap skirts and bold printed dresses.

This company is dedicated to helping these women stand on their own two feet. Some of these women are earning salaries for the very first time in their lives, bringing them a sense of freedom and confidence. Archel Bernard states “I want them to have the opportunity to go out and make their own plan and make their own way,” This company is changing lives right in their own community through amazing fabrics! Learn more about The Bombchel Factory at

Joyous living to you all,

Victoria Joy


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