SuRu Clothing #WeWinWednesday


This #WeWinWednesday we are highlighting Baba Afolabi founder of SuRu a premium casual apparel brand that promotes multiculturalism and diversity through lifestyle and fashion.  

This brand came about as Baba took a trip to Japan. Baba saw how his Yoruba culture and the Japanese culture had many similarities. While playing soccer with Japanese youth Baba sensed the importance of joining together cultures while also celebrating the similarities of each. 

In 2009 SuRu brand was introduced with cab driver hats and a few T-shirt designs. In 2010 Baba suffered from a serious soccer injury that left him out of work on disability for 8 months. During this time Baba developed a business plan. After passing his plan around to all of his friends, Baba got two friends to back him financially and was able to create one of his first top collections and set up a pop-up shop! 

The word SURU means “TO DO” in Japanese and “PATIENCE” in the Yoruba language. The core concept of their brand is asking people to have patience in understanding cultural differences while embracing diversity. 

Their designs come from a love of soccer, along with diverse cultural symbols and colors from flags of different countries.  

 I love that they are introducing different cultures to one another and also giving opportunity to their local community. SuRu provides internships and employment to local inner-city youth and college students.  

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 Joyous living to you all, 

Victoria Joy 


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