Brown Sugar Bakery #WeWinWednesday

Brown Sugar Bakery

This #WeWinWednesday is highlighting Stephanie Hart, owner of the Brown Sugar Bakery located on the South side of Chicago on 75th street and now also at Navy Pier! Stephanie started this bakery 10 years ago in memory of her grandmother who loved baking cakes. Her grandmother sparked in her the entrepreneurial spirit. At a young age Stephanie's grandmother gave her two great gems. She told her “whatever you think you can be, you can” and “do everything in excellence.”

Brown Sugar Bakery was born out of realizing that bakeries weren’t catering to southern style roots. Stephanie was determined to bring that great flavor to her own bakery. Stephanie chose the location on 75th street after seeing a big community of black entrepreneurs in the area. Wanting to be a part of that movement she took the leap and opened her shop in 2004.

Brown Sugar Bakery is bringing people together from all over Chicago with a delicious arrangement of desserts. Ranging from the famous and very popular caramel cake to pineapple cake, sweet potato cobbler and so much more! This is a place that will have your mouth watering! Stephanie's journey warms my heart. She is truly creating good memories for people who visit and experience her sweet treats.

Find Brown Sugar Bakery at , Navy Pier and 328 E. 75th street, Chicago IL.

Joyous living to you all,

Victoria Joy



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