Brooklyn Flavor #WeWinWednesday


This We Win Wednesday is dedicated to Sophia Sylvester owner of Brooklyn Flavors. She specializes in making natural soy based body products and amazing soy candles. I love that these smells are named after neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

In 2003, Sophia went from being a medical assistant to a stay at home mom. This story really resonated with me as one of my business goals is to focus on my son while growing my business. Sophia’s children suffered from dry skin. After hunting for products to help, she decided to make her own and succeeded! In 2006 Sophia took the plunge and after numerous street fairs and shows she opened her own shop on Washington Avenue, in of course Brooklyn, NY. She creates the smells on her own and right in shop!

I recently purchased from this shop and must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Growing up in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, known as Bed-Stuy, there are certain smells that bring comfort to me. It was only natural to try the Bed-Stuy scented soy candle. The shipping was fast and the smell was so on point with what I knew. It reminded me of walking through my neighborhood, especially walking straight up Utica Avenue towards Eastern Parkway. The candle has sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli that reminds me of the Jamaican men I would see with long dreadlocks wrapped in beautiful clothes. They would be selling arrays of wonderful smelling incense. One of the other ingredients is jasmine, that reminds me of the body oils I would smell passing groups of older Caribbean ladies. The smell of the Bed-Stuy candle brings me to such a comforting place. I also tried the Kingston soy candle and body spray. These smells are hinted with lavender and mint. It reminds me of when I worked for a natural cleaning company and we would burn natural oils, especially lavender, as we cleaned the client’s homes.

They all are very delightful smells but my favorite of course is the Bed-Stuy. That is…my… SMELL! I also love how once the candle has been blown out you can use the soy as a heated body wax which is amazing. It softens your skin and the smell does last!

Sophia included a nice personal note as well as a sample of the “Brownstone” Body Soufflé. I encourage all small businesses to do similar practices to make your customers feel special and appreciated.

Find your niche and remember persistence and constancy pushes to success.

Support this beautiful business and treat yourself and others to #BrooklynFlavors

Joyous Living To You All,

Victoria Joy



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