Bene Scarves #WeWinWednesday

We Win Wednesday! Today's winning focus is Bene Scarves. This company highlights the importance of education. Created by Michelle Blue, (graduate of University of Georgia) and her close friend Sasha Matthews, (graduate of Florida A&M). The Bene collection are a variety of beautifully luxurious scarves. The profits of this collection go to supporting girls education in Ghana. Each purchase goes toward school supplies, tuition and uniforms. I love that the proceeds go towards enabling these girls to better themselves and their communities, as well as fulfilling their dreams.

The idea for this business was birthed while Michelle was studying abroad in Ghana. She saw local organizations empowering girls through education. The mission of Bene: “Our hope is that every time you put on your Bene Scarf you feel a part of this larger community of women that stand for other women and you’re affirmed that you truly are making a difference by investing in the education of our girls”

The word Bene came from the word ‘Benevolent’ meaning ‘characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feeling; Desiring to help others’. Bene is derived from this word with a simple meaning- 'good'. Their name sums it up! Find your passion and there you’ll find your purpose.

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Joyous Living To You All,

Victoria Joy



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