ABC Me Flash Cards #WeWinWednesday

ABC Me Flash Cards

This #WeWinWednesday is highlighting “ABC Me Flash Cards” that show a new way of teaching black history to our little ones. When I came across this business I was super excited. As a mom of a growing toddler these cards make me smile and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! The flash cards center around facts on African American accomplishments and culture that matches with its corresponding letter.

Leilani Brooks and Stevi Meredith are the creators of these vibrant and expressive flash cards. These are not at all your typical ABC flash cards. Leilani was inspired to start these cards after seeing our 44th president, Barack Obama on a set of flash cards. She was on a mission as a mom and teacher to present her children with inspiring African American history that would empower them to be great. After brain storming with her friend (Stevi Meredith) the idea for “ABC Me Flash Cards” begin to bloom.

Leilani stated “I wanted not only my children, but all African American children to know that they are not defined by the images they see in the media. They come from a long line of leaders and rule changers that broke through and are still breaking through barriers.”

Well said! Learn your history and be inspired. Find more about “ABC Me Flash Cards” at

 Joyous living to you all,

Victoria Joy


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