Happy Birthday Baby!

It's been three years since I started Twigged Out 25! I seriously can't believe I stayed committed full time to this business, but I'm so happy I did! Three years ago I started Twigged Out 25 as a way to help my sister raise funds for a yearlong mission's trip. She was preparing to travel the world as a missionary helping families and communities. I had no idea this would be something that would turn into a business, something I love and am whole heartily passionate about.

I had just given birth to my son. I was out of work due to a horribly, painful pregnancy and I had moved back in with my parents. I felt like I was in such a low broken place. I’ve worked since I was about 15. Now I was back to having to depend on other people and that was extremely hard for me. I had a new born, a broken relationship, bills and a negative bank account.

I’ve always loved making things, but even more so I loved making and then selling my crafts. As a child I was always creating something. I would spend hours drawing pictures and then hang them all around my room for a family art show. My family would line-up outside the room and pay a penny to enter my “Art Gallery".

When my sister decided to go on a yearlong mission's trip, she needed to raise a lot of capital in a short amount of time. I automatically began trying to figure out how I could help. What could I make and sell? I needed to create a product with low overhead. Something that I could focus and craft on my own. I needed something I already had expertise in. 

One day I was looking out the window, it was after one of New York's big storms. Trees had fallen and there were huge amount of twigs and branches covering the backyard. In that moment the idea of Twigged Out 25 started to come together. I started to generate this concept of having a shop circled around only products made from fallen tree branches. Here I had all the products I needed right in my own backyard! I started to play around with ideas. I could make twig mirrors, twig tables, twig chairs…. but then I had to narrow it down. What was I already good at? What had I already made in the past? JEWELRY!

A few years before, I started selling my own jewelry designs. I decided that would be my shop's concept; taking something that was destroyed and left for ruins and bringing it back to its beauty. People tend to only see what’s on the outside, they typically judge that first. What I’ve come to realize is that beauty can still be found in the wood that has been the most destroyed. I love working with wood. You never know the true condition of a branch until you crack it open. My dad is an amazing carpenter. He dedicated many years of his life into building, reconstruction and helping others. He has been a big support to my dream of building Twigged Out 25. He has shown me different techniques to help preserve wood and make it better. My dad was also the first person to introduce me to numerous amount of tools. He’s the reason I love the smell of Home Depot! haha


The name Twigged Out 25 came from me wanting to incorporate the essence of what the company is, that earth wood portion of it while always remembering the age of when I started at 25 years old. It’s been a long three years to get to this point. Each day I’m learning more. Even after the idea for Twigged Out 25 I still had to do research to see if there was any shop with my concept. I still had to figure out if there was a market for this idea.

You shouldn’t let the fear of not knowing something stop you from moving ahead. If you don’t know something you have to be bold enough to open your mouth and ask for help, and keep asking until you get the right answer.

I’ve had a lot of failures and dealt with a lot of rejection, but quitting is not an option for me. You have to get to a point where success is the only choice. My goal in life is to be able to financially help others by pulling out the greatness that’s in them to succeed. You don’t have to have it all together to get started. You just need to start somewhere. I started my first line of products in the cold hallway in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, on a mat with one tool! Now I have my own, warm work space, multiple tools and a happy toddler!

I hope to continue to share this growing journey with you all. May your hearts be encouraged and know that small beginnings are destined to be something great when you don’t quit! Just don’t quit!

Joyous Living To You All,

Victoria Joy


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