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Last weekend I was super blessed to marry my best friend! He is someone who shares in my dreams and drives me to push for greatness. wedding, love, flower bouquet

My “New” momma opened her beautiful home for our wedding and made it an unforgettable experience. I’m not one for big crowds even if the crowd is family. We had a small intimate wedding and for my husband, the summer time will bring a big crowd of family and friends to celebrate our marriage. 

On our wedding day I was overwhelmed with emotions. My new momma went above and beyond to make our day special. She pulled in some friends help and it was amazing! The décor was very twig and earthy inspired. The smallest intricate details were brought together in such a delicate way. As soon as I walked into the house I was greeted with love by all my new family. There were candles going up the stair well and a soft violet ambiance lighting at the top. Draped on the banister was ivory fabric (which matched my ivory dress) and flowers adorning it. Opening the door to my dressing room were purple petals all over the floor, dim lighting, chairs draped in white fabric and tied with a violet sash and these mini purple and clear flower mirrors dancing across the wall. There was also a candle lite table with hot tea waiting for me. AMAZING right?!

home wedding, love, flowers, christmas lights, bouqets

My oldest sister did my makeup and my mom was there to help me get ready. I had the support of both my parents and my siblings were there to share in this very intimate affair.

I am so blessed to have found someone who loves and appreciates me unconditionally. It’s something I didn’t think in depth about when I was younger but it’s important to have someone who shares in the same dreams and goals with you. It’s important that you both communicate to make sure you’re on the same page and that your visions for your life go hand and hand. Neither one of us are perfect, but he is truly MY perfect match and I am his. Relationships take work, time and effort. I believe that if both people are willing to stick through the joys of life as well as the sorrows of life they can make it!

I wanted to share this moment with you all because my husband is a BIG push behind Twigged Out 25. I am not really a person that opens up easily but life is about learning, growing and sharing. I want to share these experiences in hopes that it brings a smile to your day, gives someone a bit of hope or changes someone’s life for the better.

Joyous Living To You All,

Victoria Joy



  • Victoria Joy

    Thank you so much Djuana! I appreciate your kind words!

  • Djuana

    Very beautiful couple and new momma’s home is a gorgeous setting for this special and memory-making occasion! Salute! Blessings and prosperity always my friend.

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