4 ways to stay encouraged & motivated

  1. Make a daily list. List are my best friends. Start your morning with a quick layout of what your task for the day are. Keep it simple and be sure to make it obtainable.
  2. Reflect. Take time to be thankful for the good. My number one is; I’m grateful for another day, that I can open my eyes and function in my right mind. It’s easy to focus on the negative but make it a daily habit to find the good.
  3. Track your accomplishments. Small or big be proud of your wins! Keep a list or small book of past accomplishments. Sometimes we think we’re not moving forward but in reality we really are. Remember, it’s small steps, plus time that creates results.
  4. Build a team. You can’t do this life alone. Even a team of two is still a team! Having a positive support system whether it’s in person or a group forum, will keep you moving forward.
Everyone has different strengths and talents. Highlight yours and don’t downplay it just because it doesn’t look like someone else’s. This world needs exactly who you are! So shine bright in your own skin!
~Victoria Joy
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