#1000blackgirlbooks Marley Dias #WeWinWednesday

1000blackgirlbooks Marley DIas

This #WeWinWednesday is highlighting the #1000blackgirlbooks campaign started by twelve year old Marley Dias! Marley an avid reader who was interested in improving her schools reading diversity. Her focus is to find books where the main protagonists would be black girls. This campaign began after Marley complained to her mother that she was tired of reading the books that were being offered in her school. Her mother presented her with a challenge; what was she going to do about this problem? With the help of her mother Dr Janice Johnson Dias, Cofounder of GrassRoots Community, Marley begun her drive to find 1000 books with black girls as the lead characters.

Creating the hash tag #1000blackgirlbooks the word quickly spread and begin to get recognition from local news. It's only grown from there! The books began pouring in and volunteers had to be drafted to read through each book to be sure they met Marley's goal of black girls as main characters. #1000blackgirlbooks is pushing to change children’s literature in schools. Thousands of books have poured in and you can now find a list of these amazing books at GrassRoots Community Foundation. 

Reading opens doors to new worlds, expands vocabulary, stretches the imagination and is now giving girls of color a bold confidence. Read. Grow. Learn.

Joyous Living To You All,

Victoria Joy



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